You might expect to buy a kitchen in Budapest for an old apartment, after all kitchens get old and need replacing right? But what if you bought a brand new apartment, wouldn’t you expect it to come with a kitchen already installed? In Budapest it is common that new build flats are completed without kitchens and bathrooms installed. This could be especially true if the flat is purchased off-plan.

So how do you solve the missing kitchen problem? Yes of course you can buy a new kitchen in Budapest, pre-made and installed by Ikea or similar. However to allow a well designed kitchen installation, amendments to the flat construction are often necessary. This will require preparation construction work before the kitchen can be installed.

Bespoke design perfectly suited to the client

Our client had bought this flat for his son. The original kitchen layout suggested by the apartment building was not practical or well suited to his son’s needs. So consulting with his son we started by redesigning the kitchen! In addition to design, our work also included products selection and construction supervision. For this project we sourced and supervised a tiler, a plumber, electrician, plasterboard ceiling installer and a carpenter for the work. Read on and we will tell you why we needed all of these different contractors!

Cladding the backsplash walls in AGC acid etched mirror backed glass gives an extremely modern wipe clean finish.

Installing a suitable tiled floor

The original laminate floor has little resistance to scratches, stains and water. Spills, dropped & cutlery, etc will easily damage this laminate floor. Removing a small part of the laminate floor made way for a new durable tiled floor. We used a natural textured tile which complements the texture of the laminate timber floor and the other kitchen materials. A textured tile does not show dirt so easily and will look better for longer. This might be an important consideration for a rental apartment for example.

Relocating power points, plumbing and extraction systems

Our improved design required us to relocate some of the existing electrics power points and plumbing. Furthermore lowering the kitchen ceiling was necessary to hide extractor fan pipes. Of course it’s also possible to use a recirculating carbon filter extractor fan, but the building already has a central extraction system which we we required to connect to. The lowered ceiling also gave us an opportunity to add feature lighting to the living room ceiling.

Comparison of the kitchen before and after.

What about replacement kitchens for old apartments?

Old flats requiring replacement kitchens present similar construction problems. In this situation upgrading and replacing old electric cables is often advised, especially if new high powered kitchen appliances will be required. We have various suppliers for kitchen electronics and white goods, with a range of price points and quality levels to suit our client’s tastes and needs.

Feel free to ask us!

If you would like to buy a new kitchen in Budapest, consider if it is just the kitchen that is required, or if other construction preparation work is also necessary! We are here to help you design and coordinate your kitchen project. Please contact us with your enquiry!