What our customers are saying…

Steve Digva, CEO

Car Audio Warehouse, IPI Ltd.

“His vision and quality of work was excellent, always taking additional responsibilities with excelling results.”

Grenville Mills, Managing Director

Azi’s Kitchen, Rasa (Malaysia) Ltd.

“The (restaurant) design work, brochure and presentation were impressive and did a fantastic job to secure the approval of Westfield Shopping Centre”

Andras Toth, Director

Dunascape, Pearl Property Management

“The bathroom and kitchen designs are just awesome. Fantastic to work with!”

Roderick Beck, Director & Owner

Beck Real Estate Kft.

“Fantastic timely work project managing my new kitchen construction, sanding my floors, as well as various other repairs and upgrades to my flats! Highly recommended.”

Robert Larson, Director

Capital Living Kft.

“The (airbnb) flat brought in the highest income we ever earned from one apartment in one month. (Our client) will be very happy – good work reorient!”