You have had some new ideas and feel inspired to start a new project. Collecting ideas over time, quite often we try to figure out how we can achieve everything we would like in one design, or within a single space.  Our desires for the project can begin to diverge or even conflict, and it can be easy to lose sight of priorities. Other times, we are not sure about the feasibility of our ideas for the given project a second opinion can be very useful.

This process of organising our ideas and thoughts, prioritising what is more important and discarding unsuitable ideas, is the basic groundwork towards creating a strong unified design concept.  That is, a clear and concise written brief and annotated drawing, that communicates everything we would like to achieve in our project.

Developing our inspirations, thoughts and feelings into a single concept that make sense and that can be understood by others, is crucial.  We are setting a clear goal for everyone to work towards – this work becomes the starting point for further discussions with builders and other consultants on the project.

Only after feasibility & concept design, can we start to design this concept into something material and real – that we can then share & experience with others.

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