PRO-FAB: Procurement and Fabrication Service

Central and Eastern European markets can offer highly competitive price points on branded furniture & decor items, compared with Western European markets. Often there are alternate brands available producing similar quality goods to EU standards.

Workshop-made bespoke items are also typically less costly to produce.

We offer our clients a procurement service to source ready made EU compliant products and a bespoke fabrication service, both at competitive rates.


Bespoke Fabrication 

At Reorient we work closely with our team of expert craftsmen to produce top quality bespoke furniture and fittings for our own design projects.   

We now offer this bespoke fabrication service to our clients and other designers looking to have their own designs made.

Our team can produce bespoke furniture items from a range of materials including: powder coated steel, stainless steel, stone, glass, timber, real timber veneer and laminate products, fire retardant fabrics, solid surface products, perforated sheet and more.


Workshop Drawings & Design Service

Bedside tables, headboards, partition screens, tables, chairs, shower screens, coffee tables, product prototypes are just some examples of what we can make.

We offer our clients a Workshop Drawings service, to ensure your designs will be fabricated to your exact specification and tolerances.


Competitive Pricing & Shipping

Our clients benefit from high quality European quality manufacture, supervised by a British Architect at comparatively lower cost of production from Central Europe.

We offer shipping throughout the EU, the U.K and globally.

Please contact us with your enquiry.